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Islamic Clothing

Its all about information regarding Islamic dresses like hijab, jilbab and scarf.

Popular Abaya for Women

Zipper Charcoal Abaya for Girls

Abaya is an Arabic word it mean a dress which is so loose and it covers the whole body expect hand feet and face. The relation of abaya and Islam is proved from this Quranic quote; “O, prophet tells your wives and daughter, and the believing women, to cover themselves with a loose garment. They will thus be recognized and ...

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Hijab Styles According to Modern World

Modern Hijab Styles

Hijab means to curtain or cover yourself, according to Islamic studies it is necessary for all Muslim women and girls to cover themselves when they are outside home or in market. Wearing hijab is amazingly popular among teenage girls and women with style and fashion. Hijab is wear with different unique styles that are fancy and look amazingly beautiful. Hijab ...

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Dubai Abaya Latest Trend

Latest Trendy Abaya for Women

It is latest fashion in women to wear Dubai Abaya because of their latest trendy style. These Abayas cover whole body except face and hands. Women cover their faces with a veil and hands by gloves. In Saudi Arabia Dubai Abayas are the most popular in Muslim women, they like to wear these Abayas because of their styles and because ...

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Latest Abaya Styles for Muslim Women

Dubai Abaya Fashion

Muslim women wear Abaya as ordered in Holy Quran. There are different styles and designs of Abaya in world. The major aim to wear Abaya is to cover the whole body from head to toe. We can also say Abaya is just like a cloak and it worn with niqab and with beautiful Hijab styles. Latest Abaya is now available ...

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Most Fashionable Hijab Styles for Women

Fashionable Hijab For Girls

It is current fashion to wear most beautiful and colorful hijab. In last decades women and girls like to wear hijab as Islam said. Now Women and girls like to look most fashionable while they are wearing hijab. Hijab scarfs are now available in large variety of different printed colors and designs. The use of beautiful scarf pins also makes ...

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World Hijab Styles for Muslim Women

Hijaab Kerudung Jilbab Gaul

It is compulsory for Muslim women and girls to wear Islamic clothing like Hijab when they outside the house or in market. Islam instructs the Muslim women to cover their body for head to toe when they are in market or outside the home. Hijab have different kinds of styles and designs but it depend upon the culture and region ...

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