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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Chinese dragon tattoos are popular over the ages in women and girls. Chinese dragon tattoos are elegant and have different significance relating to its ideas and meanings. It is bereaved that Chinese dragon tattoos have features of nine animals and if we combine these parts of animal then we derive Chinese dragon, a Chinese dragon include head of a camel, eyes of a demon, horns of a deer, neck of snake, scales of fish, ear of cow, stomach of a calm, claws of eagle and soles of tiger.

Chinese dragon tattoos also have great ideas and meanings like thunder-ball under his chin represents wisdom and good luck. Chinese dragon tattoos have symbolic ideas and meanings as they represent mystery, power, strength and good will.

Back Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Back Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese dragon tattoos are inked on different body places. The most popular places for Chinese dragon tattoos are back of body, shoulder, chest, neck and lower back of body. Below are the most beautiful and attractive Chinese dragon tattoos men and women for your next tattoo.

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