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Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna or mehndi is popular in Middle East but now it is also very popular in eastern and western countries. Henna actually a paste and leave temporary radish color. People make designs on their hands, foot and other body parts.

Henna mehndi is now also used to make tattoos on body known as henna tattoos. Due to the allergic and other dangerous reasons westerns people leaving to get permanent tattoos. They intend to use and make natural paste to make these tattoos on their body.

Henna Tattoos for Chest for Women

Henna Tattoos for Chest for Women

As the henna mehndi designs for hands and foot are popular these henna tattoos are popular for shoulder, neck, belly, chest, back of body and for neck designs. If you are interested to make such henna tattoos then you can choose your design from below.

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