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How to Lose Fat from Belly

How to lose fat is common question for youngsters now days. Many people get numerous calories but don’t exercise or don’t participate in such activities that helpful to burn them that cause lots of fat on their belly and abs.

How to lose Fat from Belly

How to lose Fat from Belly

Following are different natural ways to reduce fat for flatter abs:

Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is major mistake for those who want to lose fat. It has been researched that breakfast skippers consume more meal as calories to fill their hunger. That is more dangerous and cause more fat. Therefore you should never skip breakfast in order to reduce fat.

Drink lots of water

Experts recommend drinking minimum eight glass water in a day to regulate your metabolic rate. This will burn your excessive calories and you should get better results.


Our body requires seven to eight hours sleep every night. If you work late night and not fulfill the basic requirement of body of sleep it will affect your cortisol level and cause insulin sensitivity that is perfect or ideal conditions for belly fat. So you should sleep at least seven to eight hours in a night.

Avoid Drinking Alcohols

Drinking is another cause of fat because when you drink alcohol and wine react as sugar and as you know sugar turns into fat. Therefore you should avoid drinking alcohol and wine to get flatter abs.

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