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Latest Abaya Styles for Muslim Women

Muslim women wear Abaya as ordered in Holy Quran. There are different styles and designs of Abaya in world. The major aim to wear Abaya is to cover the whole body from head to toe. We can also say Abaya is just like a cloak and it worn with niqab and with beautiful Hijab styles.

Latest Abaya is now available in lot of different styles and verities. Abaya is made by chiffon, cotton, georgette, crepe and with the help of different laces. It is now latest fashion to make designs on Abaya by colorful thread.

Dubai Abaya Fashion

Dubai Abaya Fashion

Abaya is also available in beautiful colors with different styles but black color Abaya is most popular in world. There are some most popular Abaya latest styles and designs for Muslim women.

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