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Pakistani bridal dress

Pakistan is a Muslim Asian country. It is a beautiful country the most beautiful landscapes of all over the world mostly belong to Pakistan. It has five provinces all of them are so beautiful and attractive. Here we can talk about Pakistani bridal dress every province has its own traditions and values so every province has different types of bridal dress.

Pakistani Bridal Dress Collection

Pakistani Bridal Dress Collection

Fashion changed every year. Every year there comes a lot of new things new trend, but basically it belong to past reforms in new designers form. Designers bring new wedding dresses with a touch of western. In past days the common color of wedding dress is red. All wedding dress has shade of red, deep red, maroon with short kurti, langha and shalwar kameez. But now there are many style, short kurti replaced. Now long shirt with langha, sharara are common. Long shirt with heavy embroidery, stone work, zari work motifs are also in.

There are many types of long shirts like, long open shirt, long A- line shape shirt, gown style long shirt with sharara are very in. Now combination color are very common, red with black, maroon with green, orange with purple, are looking so elegant

There are some bridal dresses for you.



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